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Youth is not something you ordinarily look for in a logistics partner, but one company’s approach shows the benefits that a fresh attitude can bring. C4 Logistics, established in 2001, applies fresh thinking to age-old problems. They believe that freight in transit should never be out of sight, out of mind.

In the age of GPS tracking for your pets, how can it be that there is still a lack of transparency in the logistics supply chain? This is a fundamental question that the company has tackled. Now C4 operates C4 Sight, which, quite simply combines the accuracy of geolocation with the backbone of big data analysis, and gives customers total transparency in the supply chain, everywhere. Real time track and trace has existed in the logistics business for several years now, but only for consolidated FTL and LTL services. Until now the time-critical business has not managed it, mainly because at the European or worldwide scale it is difficult to integrate lots of potential suppliers under the same system. And perhaps for some LSPs, this opacity has been convenient, giving them a bit more leeway in the supply chain. Group Commercial Director at C4, Frederic Cesarion, comments: “C4 ends the era when logistics companies could see the movements on their own portals, but customers could not. We give our customers 100% access to their shipments and the big data that comes with them, with in-depth KPIs measuring their expedited freight consumption from any angle.”

C4 Sight quite simply takes the guesswork out of time-critical shipments. Once you decide to move urgently needed parts, C4’s custom-built operations system identifies the best transport options, according to criteria such as vehicle size, location, driver’s hours, etc., and then instructions are immediately sent to the approved driver. From that point on the driver’s location is tracked using geolocation and the system is automatically updated on the driver’s progress, and relays that information directly to the customer through their customer portal, mobile app, by email and text message. “As well as being able to follow the vehicle progress in real time, customers are informed at all the critical stages of the transportation,” said Cesarion.

The specially developed technology C4 Sight gives customers complete oversight of their shipment’s journey from collection to delivery. It lists all shipments past and present for easy reference, gives real-time accuracy, and does it with mobile and tablets seamlessly too. So if problems arise, you’ll know about it when it happens – ready to give C4’s account managers authorisation for their proposed solution.

Lean manufacturing and longer supply chains have combined to create the opportunity for expensive crisis situations, and this is where reliability becomes really important. According to Group Managing Director Sébastien Barth, C4 logistics has delivered 99.2% of its emergency shipments on time. And the company’s customers clearly trust them to deliver on what they say they can deliver. “Transparency in the journey is critical for that, as well as always keeping our customers informed and being agile enough to respond to any queries within 15 minutes. That is a C4 Logistics commitment,” said Barth.

C4 Logistics can collect anywhere in Europe within two hours, and offers a money-back guarantee on its transit times. The company also offers specialized services for dangerous, sensitive, or temperature-controlled shipments, alongside road and air-freight options.

Written by
Sébastien Barth
Group Managing Director at C4 Logistics
Founder and Managing Director of C4 Logistics, Sébastien Barth manages the international operations teams and growth strategy of C4 across Europe.

With more than 20 years’ experience in premium freight services, Sébastien brings a wealth of experience to his role. Prior to C4 Logistics, Sébastien was UK Manager of Gefco Special (a former subsidiary of the Peugeot Group) and has delivered outstanding customer service to a variety of industries including the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sébastien has an MA in Business and Logistics from ESIDEC Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce, Metz University in France.
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