Szerző: Sébastien Barth

Founder and Managing Director of C4 Logistics, Sébastien Barth manages the international operations teams and growth strategy of C4 across Europe. With more than 20 years’ experience in premium freight services, Sébastien brings a wealth of experience to his role. Prior to C4 Logistics, Sébastien was UK Manager of Gefco Special (a former subsidiary of the Peugeot Group) and has delivered outstanding customer service to a variety of industries including the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors. Sébastien has an MA in Business and Logistics from ESIDEC Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce, Metz University in France.

A solution driven culture

A proactive ethos is vital in time critical logistics, but sometimes reacting quickly to unexpected situations can prove essential. At C4 Logistics our operations staff undergo continuous training and skills assessments, leaving them equipped to react professionally and rapidly should the unexpected occur.

C4 operations were recently contracted to complete an emergency shipment from the Czech Republic to the UK. The shipment was essential to prevent a possible line stoppage at automotive giant Honda. Part-way through the transport, the arctic vehicle contracted suffered an unforeseeable breakdown, leaving the shipment at danger of delay. The C4 operations staff actively tracking the shipment, immediately logged the issue and started to work on a solution. Dispatch of a replacement articulated lorry to complete the delivery would cause a delay in delivery time and a potential line stoppage – an unacceptable outcome. The operations team called upon their wealth of experience and training to source an alternative option. Three sprinter vans were immediately dispatched to the scene of the breakdown. Sprinter vans can travel significantly faster than an arctic and they arrived at the scene of the breakdown in under an hour. Upon arrival, the load was swiftly transferred and dispatched to the destination, ultimately arriving an hour ahead of the scheduled delivery time.

At C4 Logistics our extensive staff training and comprehensive tracking system, C4SightTM, places us in prime position to tackle the unexected while still delivering a premium service for our customers.

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Congratulations C4 Romania!

C4 Logistics Romania have been recognised by the Alba Chamber of Commerce for their outstanding services to industry.

Outperforming the competition, C4 Romania were awarded the accolade of top services company in Alba County (the heart of the automotive industry in Transylvania.) The prestigious award was confirmed by the Chamber of Commerce at their annual awards gala.

On hand to accept the award was C4 Romania Country Manager, Liviu Selagea, who has been responsible for the office since its conception.

Speaking about the award, Liviu expressed his pride and appreciation to his team: “Since its foundation in 2013, C4 Romania has established itself as a market leader in time critical logistics. This award reflects the hard work of the entire team and their commitment to the development and ongoing success of C4 Romania. Together with our directors, we have developed an operational and sales office in Romania that has grown steadily, while also providing confidence to our clients and partners.”

Expanding on the features which set C4 Romania apart from the competition, Liviu goes on to explain: “The service area in which we operate is very fast paced, so we prioritise staying agile and being customer focused. Daily staff training is aimed at respecting all internal procedures, so we will never find ourselves unprepared for any situation that could arise. I believe these are the qualities which the Chamber of Commerce have recognised as exceptional. I would like to thank our directors and my colleagues, together we have made C4 Romania what it is today.”

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C4 Achieve IATA Accreditation

C4 Logistics have once again achieved accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA.)

Working as a trade association, the IATA represents the world’s major airlines, maintaining global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability. To achieve accreditation from the IATA, companies are required to demonstrate a high level of skill and competency in all areas of air transportation.

Team members employed by C4 France completed a comprehensive training course covering air shipment specifics such as transportation of dangerous goods. Before accreditation could be awarded, staff were required to demonstrate an exceptionally high standard of industry knowledge and complete several grueling assessment tasks.

Country Manager for C4 France, Benoit Kermarrec, explains: “achieving accreditation with the IATA is essential to our operations at C4. It is a requirement for all air shipment providers to meet the IATA standard to be able to access the 275 major airlines it represents. IATA accreditation is also fantastic evidence that our operations staff at C4 Logistics have the necessary expertise to meet all our customers’ air shipment needs. Customers can have the confidence and peace of mind that we will achieve accuracy across all their air shipments. In short, our customers can always trust C4 Logistics to deliver.”

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Precision, speed, control and agility – logistics or squash?

At C4 Logistics we strive to be the ultimate in precision, speed, control and agility, making our partnership with the Leamington squash club a winning team. C4 Logistics are proud to be the longest standing sponsor of the Leamington squash club and are delighted to be extending our support for another year.

Established in 1872, the Leamington Lawn Tennis and Squash Club is a members-run club, relying on the support of sponsors and volunteers to provide excellent squash facilities to the local community.

Ming Lee, chairman of the Leamington squash club says “we are obviously delighted that the partnership between the squash club and C4 Logistics will be continuing for another year. Squash and C4 Logistics have a lot in common, both using their skills in precision, speed, control and agility to finish first. Leamington squash club is a fully inclusive club, and, with the ongoing support of C4 Logistics, we can continue to improve and maintain our facilities while delivering fantastic sporting programmes for all members of the community. C4 are the longest standing sponsors of the Leamington squash club and their support has been crucial for recent development projects, including construction of a new court and the provision of team kits.”

Managing director of C4 Logistics, Sebastien Barth, says “we are extremely pleased to be confirming our commitment to the Leamington squash club for another year. Investing in the local community is hugely important to our business ethos. It is immensely rewarding to see our investment promoting the development of squash within the men’s, women’s and children’s teams. It is always a thrill to see the continuing success of both the men’s and women’s teams while sporting the C4 branded kits. We are eager to see what developments and opportunities the upcoming year will bring.”


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C4 Air – Soar above the challenges

C4 Logistics’ customers are reaping the benefits of using C4 Air for all their air shipment needs. When our customers need rapid solutions for challenging air shipments, they know they can rely on the sector-specific expertise of the C4 Air team.

Recently, the team at C4 Air was contacted by a customer in need of an urgent door-to-door shipment of three large pallets from Romania to Brazil. The customer had discovered that all regular flights to South America were fully booked for at least two weeks, leaving them facing a lengthy and costly delay. C4 Air called upon their industry-specific skills to find the perfect solution for this large, unscheduled shipment at the busiest time of the year.

Maintaining a network of industry-specific contacts allowed the team at C4 Air to enlist the help of a local contact at Qatar airways. They were able to negotiate an express shipment contract for the customer, giving their customer’s cargo priority over other pre-booked shipments. To ensure the overall cost was kept to a minimum for the customer, the decision was made to move the shipment to Luxemburg by road, before flying onwards to Sao Paulo. The team at C4 Air organised the road transportation, contracting three sprinter vans to rapidly transport the pallets to Luxembourg in time to board their onward flight. In addition, C4 Air were able to use their local contacts in Brazil to complete the import procedures in advance, minimising the time the shipment spent in customs.

Finding flexible air shipment options can be significantly more challenging than providing transportation via road. Therefore, at C4 Logistics we believe it is essential to maintain a dedicated air service capable of meeting our customer’s demands, however challenging.

Please contact C4 Air at to discuss any air shipment needs. We are available 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to support you.


C4 launch an innovative new customer portal

C4 Logistics are excited to announce the launch of their new, cutting edge customer portal.

After comprehensive redevelopment, the new portal will offer an ergonomic and intuitive design, collating the key features required by customers into one, easy to navigate format.

When asked about the benefits the new portal will bring to customers, Group Managing Director, Sebastien Barth, said: “We are extremely excited that our new customer portal is now complete. Following extensive consultation with our customers, several new functions have now been made available to meet their requirements.”

“Our customers can now view real-time data linked to their key performance indicators. Tracking of indicators such as job accuracy and money saved will provide our customers with extra transparency linked to performance.”

Elaborating further, Sebastien goes on to explain: “The introduction of the new C4SightTM mobile app will revolutionise the way our customers can track their jobs. Using the new tracking feature, customers can now track shipments in real time, at any time of day and at any location convenient to them. Providing our customers with additional flexibility and peace of mind. Customers can also configure their own text message alerts to meet their individual requirements and monitor their CO2 emissions to ensure they meet necessary targets.”

“At C4 Logistics we are committed to always staying at the forefront of technology, utilising advances to provide our customers with total transparency and peace of mind.”





Robert Bosch Stay Agile with C4

C4 Logistics have defeated the competition to secure a significant contract with leading technology supplier, Robert Bosch. A global technology superpower, the Robert Bosch Group have interests in business sectors including: mobility solutions, industrial technology, consumer goods, and energy and building technology.

The C4 Logistics Group were selected by Robert Bosch from a wide field of competitors, to become their global supplier of choice for time-critical shipments. Fulfilling the substantial contract will require a coordinated approach from all the C4 offices across Europe, utilising sector-specific skills in road and air transport.

Speaking about the new partnership, Group Commercial Director, Frederic Cesarion confirmed: “Obviously C4 Logistics are delighted to be assisting Robert Bosch with their time critical shipments. C4 Logistics have recently undergone a programme of expansion and development, making us more competitive in the marketplace than our leading competitors. It is evident that the Bosch Group feel they can trust C4 Logistics to be the company to deliver.”

Elaborating further on the negotiations, Frederic explains: “Robert Bosch were particularly impressed by the total European coverage offered by our network of offices. The advanced tracking included within our C4Sight™ app was also a key deciding feature in the decision-making process. Robert Bosch saw the value in our transparency, fairness and commitment to results. These service features, coupled with our cost-efficiency and the excellence of our customer service, made C4 Logistics the obvious choice.”

The Benefits of a 24/7/365 Service

C4 Logistics are a 24/7/365 company, but what does this mean and how can it benefit our customers? Group managing director, Sebastien Barth explains:

“At C4 Logistics we employ dedicated weekend and night operations staff, trained to the same level of expertise as our weekday team. Their experience allows us to maintain the same level of customer service 24hrs a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year. Our customers always receive the same premium level of service quality regardless of when they contact us.”

Speaking of the benefits to the customer, Sebastien elaborates:

“Our fully qualified night and weekend team continuously monitor live shipments, allowing them to respond rapidly and proactively to shipment changes or potential delays. We can also address customer queries, process job requests and provide customer updates at any time. Operating during the night is particularly beneficial for world-wide shipments where we can take advantage of differing time zones to reduce overall shipment times.  In short, the service we execute out of office hours is identical in quality and composition to that proffered by our daytime team. Customers are encouraged to contact us out of hours, C4 Logistics are always here and ready to help.”

C4 Air join the WCA Time Critical Network

C4 Air are extremely proud to be accepted as a member of the WCA Time Critical Network. The WCA Time Critical Network is the largest worldwide network of time critical logistics providers. Only premium freight providers of the highest calibre who satisfy its stringent selection criteria are accepted for endorsement.

Speaking of the accolade, Group Managing Director Sebastien Barth said: “Achieving membership of the WCA Time Critical Network confirms C4’s status as one of the world’s finest freight forwarders. Stringent selection criteria ensure that only companies with superior skills in freight forwarding are awarded membership to the WCA. This endorsement provides our customers with a guarantee of the exceptional quality of our work worldwide. It recognises the talents of our logistics team and evidences that we work with only the most reliable and skilled subcontractors. We are extremely proud to have received this acknowledgement of our exceptional service.”