Auteur : Sébastien Barth

Founder and Managing Director of C4 Logistics, Sébastien Barth manages the international operations teams and growth strategy of C4 across Europe. With more than 20 years’ experience in premium freight services, Sébastien brings a wealth of experience to his role. Prior to C4 Logistics, Sébastien was UK Manager of Gefco Special (a former subsidiary of the Peugeot Group) and has delivered outstanding customer service to a variety of industries including the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors. Sébastien has an MA in Business and Logistics from ESIDEC Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce, Metz University in France.

C4 Maintain GDPR Certification

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) became enforceable in May 2018. It is now a legal requirement for all companies to comply with EU regulations to protect personal data.

C4 Logistics have been GDPR compliant for over 4 years, maintaining robust processes to ensure maximum protection for our customers’ valuable data.

C4 Group Managing Director, Sebastien Barth, explains: “With Cyber-attacks becoming increasingly more common, we want our customers and partners to have the peace of mind that their data is secure with C4 Logistics. Our procedures are assessed via regular external audits and always exceed the minimum requirements for certification in all areas. Technological advancement is something we champion at C4 Logistics and we are constantly reviewing our IT systems to ensure our data is as secure as possible.”

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Brexit Update

The UK is due to leave the European Union on the 29th March 2019. With still no clarification on how this will be managed, C4 Logistics are committed to minimising the impact Brexit on our customers.

How have we prepared?

  •  C4 have certified as an authorised economic operator (AEO), allowing simplified customs declarations.
  • Senior staff members have trained in customs competency to aid and advise our customers.
  • We have implemented a state-of-the-art customs clearance platform, “Sequoia”, to create and manage customs declarations and documents.
  • We have expanded our already extensive network of customs agents across Europe and world-wide.

How can our customers prepare?

  • Apply for a UK EORI number.
  • Calculate the value of your goods to determine how much duty will be paid.
  • Obtain a commodity code for your goods and a CPC code. You will need these for your customs declarations.
  • Check the contractual Incoterms on your shipments to determine who will pay the import/export duty.
  • Decide how you will pay duty and VAT. You can visit to view the options available.
  • Determine if you qualify for Government schemes such as Transitional Simplified Procedure (TSP) or Customs Simplified Freight Procedure (CFSP).

As always, our dedicated staff are here to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about shipping post-Brexit. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information. Contact details can be found on our website at

C4 Achieve Cyber Essentials Accreditation

C4 are proud to have achieved Cyber Essentials Accreditation for the fourth year running! This certification provides evidence of robust company IT systems, protecting us and our customers from cyber-attack.

 The offices at C4 UK were visited by an independent assessor from IASME who conducted a rigorous internal audit. IASME is one of only five companies who are accredited to certify businesses against the Government’s Cyber Essential Scheme.

Our cyber security systems were assessed against five essentials: boundary firewalls and internet gateways, secure configuration, access control, malware protection and patch management. These were tested alongside the physical security measures, staff awareness and data backup systems in place. C4 systems were found to be excellent in all areas.

Sebastien Barth (C4 Group Managing Director,) explains why C4 Logistics chooses to be externally audited by IASME: “At C4 we rely heavily on technology and IT systems to provide an exceptional service for our customers. Currently there are no legal requirements for freight companies to maintain any level of cyber security, but at C4 we are acutely aware of the risks of potential cyber-attacks. It is essential to us that we keep our data secure because our customers trust us to keep their sensitive data safe. Achieving Cyber Essentials accreditation is evidence that C4 maintains the secure and robust systems to do this.”

Brexit Planning

The uncertainty surrounding the withdrawal agreement put forward by the government makes it difficult to assess whether the United Kingdom will exit the European Union with or without a deal. Consequently, there is currently no concrete information available about the future trade arrangements with the EU.

At C4 Logistics we are aware that a “No Deal Brexit” has the potential to be disruptive for the supply chain. For this reason, we have been pro-actively preparing for this possibility over the last 12months, to ensure any disruption to our clients will be kept to a minimum.

This communication details some of the preparations we have made to ensure we are best placed to continue to provide the service you expect, whatever the Brexit outcome.

Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) status
C4 Logistics has been certified AEO since 2012 for customs simplification, security and safety. This certification is official acknowledgement that our role within the international supply chain is secure and our customs controls and procedures are both efficient and compliant. HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC) officials regularly assess our company’s finances, site security, shipping procedures, compliance with customs requirements and fulfilment of the relevant legal and safety regulations.

The benefits of being AEO certified include simplified customs declarations, transit simplifications and priority treatment of consignments if selected for control. As a result, our clients will benefit from a reduced risk of customs delays, greater transparency and peace of mind.

Customs declarations and documentation
C4 Logistics is implementing a state-of-the-art, high performance customs clearance platform called Sequoia. Sequoia is the leading UK customs system supplied by ASM, providing connections to customs and the port community systems. Through this platform, C4 Logistics can now create and manage customs declarations and documentation.

Staff training
Senior staff members have recently undertaken a Customs Competency course: “Customs in Action – Practical Compliance” provided by Morley Consulting Training Ltd, London. During this intensive week-long course, every aspect of the customs declaration process was reviewed, and staff competency assessed. This additional training will allow us to help our clients with completing the necessary procedures while continuing to provide a pertinent and valuable premium customer service.

Crossings to and from the Continent
Since its creation in 2001, C4 Logistics has established and maintained strong partnerships with ferry companies and Eurotunnel. Regarding the main links between the United Kingdom and France (Dover/Folkestone – Calais/Dunkirk), we work with P&O ferries, DFDS and Eurotunnel. C4 Logistics is currently Eurotunnel’s main UK customer for van crossings. This special relationship allows us to benefit from guaranteed crossing capacity at peak-times.
The Calais and Dunkirk crossings remain the shortest and most frequent, these are therefore the most effective for our clients’ needs. There are currently 100 daily crossings with crossing times ranging from 35 minutes to 2 hours.
In comparison, there are only three daily sailings from Newhaven to Dieppe with a crossing time of 4 hours and three daily sailings from Portsmouth to Caen with a crossing time of five hours and 45minutes. These are currently the only two alternative crossings running with a frequency of more than one sailing per day.
Crossings to Holland and Belgium operate twice daily and crossing times vary from 7 hours to 15hours and 45 minutes. These sailings are not currently suitable for time critical shipments as they do require advance bookings.

In December, the government announced it was awarding £102.9m to three crossing providers. This funding will create extra capacity to ease congestion at Dover if the UK leaves the European Union without a deal. We are still waiting for specifics on how these investments will translate to increased capacities and potential new routes.
C4 Logistics will of course remain attentive to all crossings to the Continent in order to assess the best options for our clients.

Drivers licences/permits
All time critical shipments carried to and from Europe, on behalf of our clients, are transported by approved European suppliers permanently resident in European member states. In the event of a “No Deal Brexit”, there are currently no restrictions on EU drivers being able to drive in the UK. The latest no-deal communication states that “The UK does not require EU drivers to hold a separate IDP (International Driving Permit) to guarantee the recognition of their driving licence”.

Brexit impact on our business
Since 2012, C4 Logistics has been increasing its footprint in Europe. Today, we have 7 offices in 6 countries (France, Germany, Poland, Hungary, Romania and the UK) offering total coverage across Europe. Most of our customers are now based outside of the UK with the UK only representing 19% of the C4 Group’s total turnover and gross margin. In the future we anticipate the UK share in our Group results will continue to reduce thanks to the rapid expansion we are currently experiencing in our other European offices. Although we are actively preparing for a “No Deal Brexit”, our European ambitions over the next few years and our strong financial health means we are extremely confident about our future.

Economic Operator Registration and Identification (EORI) number
Finally, as a preventive measure and if you have not done so already, we encourage you to register for your EORI number at

We hope this communication will answer all the questions you may have regarding our readiness in case of a “No Deal Brexit” and will also give you the confidence that we will continue providing our clients with the highest level of service excellence for all their time critical logistics requirements.

However, should you need any further information, please feel free to contact us at any time.

Of course, we will keep you updated once we have a better understanding on the future trade arrangements with the EU.

Congratulations C4 France

C4 France are proud to have achieved ISO accreditation for a further 3yrs. An international standard for quality management systems (QMS), ISO 9001-2015 is a government recognised certification specifying the requirements a QMS must meet to achieve international accreditation.

During a rigorous two-day inspection, a representative from the NQA (an independent awarding body) assessed the QMS procedures at C4 France against multiple industry standards. Operations staff were individually assessed for competency and adherence to risk management, service quality, carrier selection and monitoring. After a thorough audit, implementation of all quality standards was found to be excellent.

Speaking about the audit, C4 France Country Manager, Benoit Kermarrec said: “we are delighted to have achieved such positive feedback from the NQA. The operations team are extremely dedicated to implementing our QMS and this was listed as one of our real strengths. The NQA were also particularly impressed by our bespoke IT systems and our capacity to update customers on their shipments in real time.”

Adhering to ISO 9001-2015 standards ensures that C4 Logistics are perfectly placed to provide exceptional service for any time-critical freight requirements.

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C4 Deliver, Whatever the Weather

The team at C4 Germany were contacted this week by a customer needing an urgent road delivery to Italy via Austria. Delivery was essential within 24hrs and the customer’s regular transport could not deliver in time. Heavy snowfall across Austria complicated things further. 90% of the roads were snow covered and only specialist 4×4 vehicles were permitted to travel. Many delivery companies had completely suspended operations in the area.

Rising to the challenge, C4 Germany utilised their specialist logistics knowledge to source a carrier with the appropriate 4×4 vehicle and negotiated a cost to the customer equivalent to a regular transport. With the forecast of more heavy snowfall, the customer was anxious to be updated on the progress of their shipment. The C4 Sight app allowed C4 operations staff to track the vehicle throughout the transit, updating the customer on its progress every 2hrs.

With extreme weather events increasing each year, road transports during winter months are becoming ever more challenging. Despite these obstacles, the team at C4 Logistics continue to deliver with the efficiency and great value for money our customers have come to expect.

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C4 achieve IATA accreditation

C4 Logistics have once again achieved accreditation from the International Air Transport Association (IATA.)

The IATA represents the world’s major airlines, maintaining global standards for airline safety, security, efficiency and sustainability. To achieve IATA accreditation, companies must demonstrate a high level of competency in all areas of air transportation.

C4 France’s Clement Menard completed a comprehensive training course covering air shipment specifics including the transportation of dangerous goods. Clement demonstrated an exceptionally high standard of industry knowledge and successfully completed several assessment tasks to obtain his IATA diploma.

Country Manager for C4 France, Benoit Kermarrec, explains: “achieving accreditation with the IATA is essential to operations at C4. It is a requirement for all air shipment providers to meet the IATA standard to be able to access the 275 major airlines it represents. IATA accreditation is also fantastic evidence that the operations staff at C4 Logistics have the necessary expertise to meet all our customers’ air shipment needs.”

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C4 Air now offer helicopter transports

At C4 Logistics we know that sometimes road transportation simply isn’t fast enough. We employ a dedicated C4 Air department specialising in express air transportation.

The team at C4 Air were recently contacted by a valued customer needing to ship several boxes of automotive parts to prevent a line stoppage at their factory. Regular road transport was not rapid enough to prevent the extremely costly line stoppage. Most time-critical freight providers would simply say that the job cannot be done, but not the team at C4 Air!

Committed to helping the customer and utilising all their specialist knowledge, the team at C4 Air were able to source a helicopter charter. The helicopter was available within the hour and the complete transport took less than 3hrs door-to-door. After experiencing the massive benefits of helicopter transport the customer has since booked several more, choosing this service over other options available.

Speaking about the new helicopter transports, C4 Air manager Ghislain Darroux said: “Helicopter charters are a relatively new service being offered by C4 Air. We introduced these to complement our already established range of air transportation options and our customers think they are brilliant addition. In this current economic climate there is an increasing need for ultra-fast transportations, especially within the automotive industry. Helicopter charters are an excellent choice as they are extremely rapid to source and can often land directly at the factory. They offer excellent value for money and we are finding more and more of our customers are opting for this service over regular road transport.”

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Help your business to fly with C4 Air

C4 Logistics are well known for their reputation as outstanding freight forwarders of time critical road shipments. However, unlike most of our competitors, C4 Logistics also boast an operations centre specialising in air transportation – C4 Air.

C4 Air recently coordinated a particularly challenging shipment of three large sheets of aluminium from France to the USA. Weighing in excess of 6000Kg, the unusually heavy shipment was limited in the type of aircraft in which it could travel. The customer urgently needed the shipment to be delivered from door to door within the week.

The operations team at C4 Air began by sourcing an arctic vehicle to collect the cargo from its departure point in France, for onward transportation to Liege airport in Belgium. A direct flight was then organised upon a specialised aircraft from Liege airport to Atlanta, USA. This was followed by onward transport by arctic vehicle for completion of the journey and final delivery to Boeing.

C4 Air team leader Ghislain Darroux said: “At C4 Air we are committed to providing the best quality service for our customers at the most competitive price. We frequently win repeat contracts because our team of air experts take the initiative to source the most appropriate air transport solutions. Our customers’ shipments are always delivered rapidly and always for the lowest possible price, regardless of the complexity of the request. For multi-transport shipments such as this, our customers appreciate the consistency and cost saving that comes from C4 Logistics organising and implementing each individual element. This is why C4’s door to door service remains so popular.”

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Working for you 365, 24/7

At C4 Logistics we know that time critical shipments do not always occur on scheduled working days. So, what happens when our customers find themselves needing an urgent delivery during a national holiday? C4 Logistics will find a way to deliver.

The Easter period always brings challenges for time critical freight providers. Road  and air availabilities are reduced to weekend schedules and many regular carriers are unavailable. Other time critical providers operate a skeleton staff over the Easter period and cannot accept new jobs. C4 Logistics maintains a full operations team during all national holidays, ensuring our customers are always fully supported.

During the Easter bank holiday, C4 Logistics UK were contacted by a customer requiring a shipment via artic vehicle from Ornoy in France to Kenitra in Morocco. This was an especially challenging shipment to coordinate for the operations staff at C4 Logistics UK. The customer required door to door collection and delivery, road transportation via an arctic trailer, import and export customs clearance and a sea crossing to Tangiers. All elements of the transport had to be perfectly coordinated to ensure a seamless transition of the cargo from one country to another. Operations staff initially arranged for the sea crossing before sourcing an available arctic in France to collect the shipment and transport it to the port. Custom’s clearance was arranged in advance for both the import and export through one of our dedicated customs agents. Once the cargo had cleared customs it travelled seamlessly on to Kenitra without any delay. The customer was kept updated on the location and progress of the shipment through our innovative C4SightTM tracking software.

At C4 Logistics our level of service and customer care is never affected by national holidays. We are committed to providing the same level of exceptional service, regardless of the complexity of the request, 24/7, 365 days of the year.

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