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C4 Logistics Stay Agile

The world of time critical logistics is a fast-paced sector in which the ability to Stay Agile is essential. Shipping requirements can alter with very little warning, so at C4 Logistics we put flexibility among our top priorities.

We were recently contacted by a client requiring an express shipment from Portugal to the UK. The consignment was of a similar size and weight to a small suitcase so an on board carry service was chosen as the most rapid mode of delivery.

Upon collection, the client found themselves in need of transportation for a further additional four boxes of a similar size.

C4 Logistics employ experts in airfreight services who quickly identified that on board carry items are usually restricted to one item per handler, unless pre-arranged in advanced with the airline.

Undeterred, the team at C4 Logistics used their customer service skills to negotiate directly with the airline. Transportation for the four additional boxes was approved and the consignment was delivered on time.

At C4 Logistics we know our clients rely on us for our ability to respond quickly and proactively to their needs. Our team of logistics experts will always go the extra mile to ensure our customers’ requirements are fully met.

C4 Air – Flying High

Since its creation, our team at C4 Air have been using their airfreight-specific expertise to provide an unrivalled service for our customers.

Maintaining a team dedicated solely to airfreight allows C4 Air to offer an extensive range of carrier options, at prices lower than those offered by our competitors.

A great example of the service offered by C4 Air was highlighted this week, when a client required an urgent overnight air charter from the UK to Morocco.

C4 Air utilized their vast network of potential carriers to source an appropriate air charter solution for the client. The shipment was collected and delivered to its destination in Morocco within 9hrs of the initial customer contact. C4 Air were also able to use their expert knowledge of country-specific customs requirements to complete the necessary landing permits in advance, ensuring a seamless delivery. All at a price significantly lower than that offered by our competitors.

Overnight air charter can be challenging for other time critical delivery providers to source at short notice. C4 Air maintain a vast network of potential carriers, ensuring there is always an appropriate solution available. And, because C4 Air deals exclusively with airfreight providers, the price will always be as low as is achievable.

Working 24/7 for our customers

Interruptions to supply chains can occur at any time; many of our deliveries require evening collection and overnight transit.

C4 Logistics employs a dedicated night team of logistics experts, available 24/7. Other freight companies operate an “on call” service outside of office hours, making them unable to respond proactively during transit.

Our dedicated night team tracks every shipment from collection to delivery, allowing them to foresee potential delays in transit and take immediate action.

Premium airfreight – premium service without the premium cost

With the launch of C4 Air, time-critical airfreight has become a speciality for C4 Logistics.

Other time-critical freight providers are limited to standard air freight – but what if the client needs the extra security of on board carry or the speed of dedicated air charter?

C4Logstics can offer our clients a premium airfreight service. This enhanced service allows shipments to be transported via scheduled flights but with increased security and speed. An option with benefits similar to on board carry or dedicated air charter, but at a significantly lower cost.

Congratulations C4!

At C4 we are celebrating the renewal of our Cyber Essentials accreditation, recognition that we maintain robust systems to protect from cyber-attack.

On the 15th of March we were visited by an independent Cyber Essentials assessor, who carried out an extensive audit into our cyber security processes. We are exceptionally pleased to have retained our Cyber Essentials certificate for a further consecutive year.

Demand for premium airfreight soars but the costs stay grounded

The team at C4 Air regularly commission premium airfreight throughout Europe. This service offers same day delivery, enhanced security for the shipment and all for a lower cost than road freight.

C4 Logistics were recently contacted by a customer needing an urgent same-day shipment from the UK to Italy. Other time-critical freight providers could only offer a dedicated air charter which comes at a premium cost.

Keeping the cost low for our customers

Many customers find themselves requiring hand carry services for high value or sensitive items. This is a premium service offered by many time-critical freight companies but can come with an inflated cost to the customer.

If our team at C4 Logistics are asked to provide this service, we automatically ask ourselves one question – is this the most cost effective and suitable option for our client?

6,800 reasons to choose C4 Logistics

To most people the words “road freight” conjures up imagines of large HGVs or white vans. Many freight companies offer these to their customers as a default option, categorising shipments into “large” or “small.”

At C4 Logistics we know that our customers’ requirements are too diverse to be divided into two categories. With this in mind, we have access to over 6,800 different vehicles, allowing us to select the most suitable option for our client.

Congratulations to Celine Mary for achieving IATA accreditation!

It’s all systems go at our new office in Paris and we are busy training our staff to make sure they are ready to hit the ground running when it open its doors to our customers in February 2017.

We want to say congratulations to Celine for this fantastic achievement in gaining the IATA accreditation certificate for the transport of dangerous goods via air freight. Celine completed the comprehensive four day training course with honours and is now fully accredited by the IATA. Well done Celine!