C4 Logistics showcase their ability to Stay Agile

At C4 logistics we know that plans change. Our ability to stay agile and adapt to our customers’ needs is one of our greatest assets.

Often a client will have goods in production which require immediate shipment upon completion. When this occurs, our highly skilled logistics team can ensure a delivery method is available 24/7, at our clients’ convenience.

An excellent example of this occurred recently. C4 Logistics were contacted to provide immediate shipment of goods but a specific collection time could not be provided. The goods were being manufactured with the completion time unknown. It was essential to the client that the goods could dispatch for delivery as soon as they became available.

C4 Logistics offered the most reliable and cost effective solution to our client. A dedicated sprinter van was made available on stand-by. This was dispatched as soon as an estimated collection time became available. The sprinter van remained in-situ at the collection point for several hours until the goods were made available for immediate dispatch. This ensured the client did not suffer any unnecessary delay between completion of manufacture and dispatch for delivery.

The C4 logistics team are available 24/7. Our clients can communicate with us at any point during the delivery process. This allows us to stay agile and adapt to our customers’ changing needs. It also provides our customers with the peace of mind that their deliveries will be received on time.

Written by
Sébastien Barth
Group Managing Director at C4 Logistics
Founder and Managing Director of C4 Logistics, Sébastien Barth manages the international operations teams and growth strategy of C4 across Europe.

With more than 20 years’ experience in premium freight services, Sébastien brings a wealth of experience to his role. Prior to C4 Logistics, Sébastien was UK Manager of Gefco Special (a former subsidiary of the Peugeot Group) and has delivered outstanding customer service to a variety of industries including the automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical sectors.

Sébastien has an MA in Business and Logistics from ESIDEC Ecole Supérieure Internationale de Commerce, Metz University in France.
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