Month: February 2018

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Any disruption to manufacturing can leave companies facing delays to their scheduled supply chain. In-house transport plans do not have the flexibility to absorb set-backs caused by unscheduled line-stoppages. This can have a knock-on effect throughout the onward supply chain and become costly to our customers.

Prior to Christmas, during their busiest production period, a valued customer of C4 UK began to suffer line stoppages caused by mechanical breakdowns. All production lines were functioning at maximum capacity and supply chains were already stretched to the limit. The repeated failure of essential machinery lead to multiple line stoppages. Many essential orders were not completed in time for onward delivery by the company’s in-house transportation.

Thankfully, C4 Logistics could be relied upon to provide emergency shipping solutions within 15minutes of customer contact. Operations staff in the UK provided numerous last-minute transport solutions to ensure the line stoppages had the minimal impact on the onward supply chain. Over 300 vans were sourced for the customer over a 6-week period. Many were required for loading within the hour and a large proportion during the night and at the weekend.

C4 UK maintained flexibility to adapt to the demands of the customer every time. Regardless of the volume of work, C4 Logistics always provide the best possible solution and at the most competitive price. Rapidly sourcing just-in-time transportation solutions to minimise the impact on our customers, 24hrs a day, 7 days a week.

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Breaking Down Barriers

C4 Logistics are proud to represent customers from across the globe, offering time-critical transport solutions to over 160 countries. Building long term partnerships with our customers is paramount to delivering premium customer service and care. Our operations staff work tirelessly to fully understand our customers’ needs, providing the perfect bespoke just-in-time transport solutions.

Effective communications are essential in ensuring accuracy and transparency during a shipment. One of the challenges faced by operations staff when serving customers world-wide, is maintaining effective lines of communication regardless of the language spoken. To ensure our customers’ requirements are never lost in translation, C4 Logistics employs over 70 multi-lingual staff across our Europe-wide operations facilities.

Targeting the language skills of the operations staff to the customers they serve is of paramount importance. As an example, C4 France serve an extensive network of customers from across neighbouring Italy. In order to forge strong bonds with our Italian customers, operations staff based at C4 France are fluent in both French and Italian.

Each individual C4 operations centre is equipped with staff fluent in the local languages of the customers served by the office. The removal of a potential language barrier increases the accuracy and quality of the services that can be provided. Another great reason why customers continue to return to C4 Logistics for all their time-critical needs.

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Take the stress out of shipping

Coordinating multiple-transport shipments can be both complicated and time consuming. At C4 Logistics we know that our customers’ time is valuable, therefore we offer a bespoke door-to-door service to take the stress out of shipping.

C4 UK recently provided an excellent example of a door-to-door service. Operations staff were contacted by a customer requiring an urgent hand-carry service for a high value package. The package was to be shipped from the USA to the UK, making it a complex multi-component transit. Collection, air transportation, customs clearance and final delivery all needed to be coordinated individually by operations staff.

C4 UK initially contracted a dedicated courier to collect the parcel from York in the USA. The courier accompanied the parcel to Philadelphia International airport and onto the plane as hand-carry luggage. During transit to London Heathrow, an appointed customs officer was organised to meet the courier at the terminal upon arrival. The officer provided the necessary paperwork, ensuring a rapid transition through customs. Once cleared of customs, the shipment was passed to a second contracted driver who was immediately dispatched to complete the shipment to Pickering in the UK.

The complete shipment took less than 24hrs with seamless transitions. Regular updates from the C4Sight app provided the customer with extra peace of mind, allowing them to track their package throughout the transit.

At C4 Logistics we can offer the whole package from collection to delivery, regardless of the complexity of the transit. When a shipment requires a multi-stage operation, our highly skilled staff will organise each component of the journey to ensure seamless transportation.

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