Lună: iunie 2017

C4 Logistics – Linking our customers to their clients

Communicating with suppliers who may be many thousands of miles away can be a challenge. Combine varying time zones with an array of languages and very often vital information can become lost in translation.

At C4 Logistics we pride ourselves on maintain flawless communication channels between our customers and their suppliers. Our team of multilingual staff, coupled with a vast network of local contacts and a meticulous tracking process, gives us unrivalled accuracy in our communications.

C4 Logistics recently encountered a customer frustrated by conflicting shipping information from their European supplier. Our multi-lingual staff stepped in to liaise directly with the supplier on behalf of the customer, quickly determining the exact specifics of the shipment which had been dispatched. C4 were then able to update the customer immediately, providing them with peace of mind that their essential parts were on-route and fully accounted for.

Overcoming the physical distance between our clients and their customers is an integral part of the premium service provided by C4 Logistics. Our team of logistics experts always go the extra mile to reduce the distance between our clients.

C4 UK welcomes Charlotte

C4 UK are extremely excited to welcome Charlotte to our Coventry office. Charlotte will be joining us in the role of project manager and will be responsible for the continued success and future development of our web and mobile apps.

Speaking about the latest appointment to the team, Group Managing Director Sebastien Barth said: “we are extremely excited to have Charlotte joining us at such a crucial time in our expansion. We are undergoing a period of rapid growth so maintaining the current level of excellence in our tracking technology is essential. Our customers associate us with the use of cutting-edge technology to provide them with an exceptional service. This is an area we are always looking to develop and improve upon so Charlotte will be an invaluable member of the team. Her skills in project management will allow us to maintain our current level of excellence while driving our expansion and development forward for the benefit of our customers.”